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 ====== Former Members of the Genome Informatics Group ====== ====== Former Members of the Genome Informatics Group ======
 +|Ait taleb, Imane|Master student|2018-2019|
 |Al Mousa, Atheer|visiting Postdoc|2016| |Al Mousa, Atheer|visiting Postdoc|2016|
 |Althermeler,​ Nicole|Bachelor student|2011| |Althermeler,​ Nicole|Bachelor student|2011|
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 |Friesen, Rafael|Bachelor student|2007| |Friesen, Rafael|Bachelor student|2007|
 |Frischkorn,​ Adrian|student assistant (SHK), Bachelor student|2009-2011| |Frischkorn,​ Adrian|student assistant (SHK), Bachelor student|2009-2011|
 +|Fricke, Chris Benedikt|bachelor student (SHK), Bachelor student|2007-2018|
 |Fritzilas, Epameinondas|PhD student, Postdoc|2006-2009| |Fritzilas, Epameinondas|PhD student, Postdoc|2006-2009|
 |Gagie, Travis|PhD student|2009| |Gagie, Travis|PhD student|2009|
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 |Steinrücken,​ Matthias|student assistant (SHK)|2003-2005| |Steinrücken,​ Matthias|student assistant (SHK)|2003-2005|
 |Sudek, Henner|student assistant (SHK), Diploma student|2003-2005,​ 2012-2013| |Sudek, Henner|student assistant (SHK), Diploma student|2003-2005,​ 2012-2013|
 +|Sundermann,​ Linda|Bachlor student, Master student, PhD student, staff researcher|2009-2019|
 |Taher, Leila|PhD student|2005-2006| |Taher, Leila|PhD student|2005-2006|
 |Thévenin, Annelyse|AvH scholar, Postdoc|2012-2014| |Thévenin, Annelyse|AvH scholar, Postdoc|2012-2014|
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 |Weile, Jochen|Bachelor student|2006| |Weile, Jochen|Bachelor student|2006|
 |Wilhelm, Mathias|Bachelor student, student assistant (WHK), Master student|2009-2011| |Wilhelm, Mathias|Bachelor student, student assistant (WHK), Master student|2009-2011|
-|Willing, Eyla|student assistant (SHK, WHK), Bachelor student, Master student|2007-2010|+|Willing, Eyla|student assistant (SHK, WHK), Bachelor student, Master ​student, PhD student|2007-2018|
 |Witthus, Pascal|Bachelor student|2009| |Witthus, Pascal|Bachelor student|2009|
 |Wittkop, Tobias|student assistant (SHK), PhD student|2006-2010| |Wittkop, Tobias|student assistant (SHK), PhD student|2006-2010|
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