AGGI publications list

The directory /vol/gi/aggiliterature/aggipublications in the Cebitec file system contains (a copy of) a list of publications of our group.

The database is in !BibTeX format and stored in aggipublications.bib. A printable literature list can be generated from aggipublications.tex. The result is usually

Normally TheSecretary adds publications on request but you are free to do it if you follow the following guidelines.


The !AGGI publicationslist is controlled by a versioning system. You can checkout your own working copy. Add the string “subversion” to your RCINFO_ILIST in file .profile, log out and in again. After that type the following at the command prompt:

svn checkout

Now you have your own working copy in ./aggiliterature/aggipublications/ wich you can modify. Changes have to be committed if others should see them.

How to add publications

Get your own working copy. Add your publications to aggipublications.bib. Please obey the “Rules for editing” below. After entering your publications add a \nocite{key} for each entry (in the section with the appropriate year) in aggipublications.tex. You can check if there are missing keys by running Finally you can generate a printable publications list by typing make. This will run latex and bibtex with the help of the script to generate a postscript file → Alternatively you can type make html to generate a html file with all publications. This uses to group the html output by year and add a caption.

Rules for editing

For a proper presentation on our website it is necessary to:

  • insert only publications from group members
  • abbreviate all surnames
  • prepend a “opt” to any of the following fields:
    • publisher
    • address
    • comment
    • abstract
    • keywords
    • doi
    • isdn
    • issn
    • comment
    • pdf
    • month
    • url (leave if the url is referencing the paper)
    • note (in some cases notes are necessary e.g. “In German”)
    • editor (except if they are from our group)

e.g. “keywords = {bla},” becomes “optkeywords = {bla},” do not enter “to appear” publications (?) Obey the !BibTeX key rules (see below)

Please use JabRef to edit aggipublications.bib (type make edit from a shell, execpt for Heike, who should use her script)

BibTeX key rules

A key consists of a the first three characters of each author in capital letters separated by dashes (-) and followed by the year of the publication.

For example:

Bergeron, A. and Heber, S. and Stoye, J. from 2002

results in BER-HEB-STO-2002

If two publications would result in the same key, then the year is extended by “a”, “b” … and so on.

If a publication exceeds 5 authors the rest should be abbreviated by -XXX-


Each new technical report gets a number, which you can receive from the current maintainer of the technical reports. Please forward one copy of your technical report in the secretarial office (TheSecretary) for the purpose of archiving and to make hardcovers of it. For more details see TechnicalReport.

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