Bioinformatics Journal Club

392169 Stoye, Dörr, Wittler, Sundermann Summer 2012 Thursday 18-20 in U10-146 ekvv


  • Classical Textbooks in Bioinformatics and Papers in Genetics


Date Topic Name Article
12.04.2012 Organizational Matters
26.04.2012 Textbooks Daniel Dörr R. Durbin, S. Eddy, A. Krogh, G. Mitchison: Biological Sequence Analysis - Probabilistic models of protein and nucleic acids. Cambridge University Press 1998.
10.05.2012 Linda Sundermann David W. Mount: Bioinformatics - Sequence and Genome Analysis. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 2001.
15.05.2012 :!: Roland Wittler Joseph Felsenstein: Inferring Phylogenies. Sinauer Associates 2004.
24.05.2012 Papers Kai Stadermann Jared T. Simpson and Richard Durbin: Efficient construction of an assembly string graph using the FM-index. Bioinformatics 26, i367-i373, 2010. (Proc. of ISMB 2010)
31.05.2012 latest science Jens Stoye K. Jahn, H. Sudek, J. Stoye: Maximum Common Intervals Revisited. (What I'm currently doing.)
14.06.2012 Organizational Matters
28.06.2012 Papers Jennifer Hess W.E. Castle Is the Arrangement of the Genes in the Chromosome Linear?, A.H. Sturtevant et al. THE SPATIAL RELATIONS OF GENES, W.E. Castle Are Genes Linear or Non-Linear in Arrangement?, and for ambitious readers: T.H. Morgan et al. The Evidence for the Linear Order of the Genes
12.07.2012 Paper Annelyse Thevenin Seymour Benzer On the topology of the genetic fine structure