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Genome Informatics Research Seminar (2S)

392188 Stoye Summer 2019 Monday, 14-16 in U10-146

Short Description

In this seminar, current research of the working group Genominformatik is reported.

(In dieser Veranstaltung wird in Vorträgen über aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe Genominformatik berichtet.)


Date Topic Name
01.04.2019 Organisation of the seminar and two little (solved) problems Jens Stoye
08.04.2019 The IRT - an updatable version of the Burrows Wheeler Transformation Stefan Böttcher (Paderborn)
15.04.2019 Efficient Symbolic Processing of Differential Algebraic Array Equations Karim Abdelhak
22.04.2019 (Easter Monday)

and 17h15
Searching for biology in thousands of genomes: the how and why of detecting selection with haplotype blocks
Inferring Demographic History using Coalescent Hidden Markov Models
Yoan Diekmann

Mathias Steinrücken
20.05.2019 TBA Daniel Dörr
27.05.2019 Alignment-free phylogenomics Roland Wittler
03.06.2019 Inversion-indel distance revisited Marília D. V. Braga
10.06.2019 (Whit Monday)
17.06.2019 (Aggi day)
24.06.2019 TBA Tizian Schulz
01.07.2019 (Jens away)
08.07.2019 students Presentations: Implementation of Algorithms

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