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 |23|May|Optional| |23|May|Optional|
 |23 - 26|May|Revision of next week's presentations*| |23 - 26|May|Revision of next week's presentations*|
-|30|May|Presentations by **Maria** and **Michel**|+|30|May|Presentations by **Michel**|
 |30 - 2|May - June|Revision of next week's presentations*| |30 - 2|May - June|Revision of next week's presentations*|
-|6|June|Presentations by **Phillip** and **Paulina**|+|6|June|Postponed|
 |6 - 9|June|Revision of next week's presentation*| |6 - 9|June|Revision of next week's presentation*|
-|13|June|Presentation ​by **Animesh**| +|13|June|Presentations ​by **Phillip** and **Paulina**| 
-|20|June|...|+|14 - 16|June|Revision of next week's presentation*| 
 +|20|June|Presentation by **Animesh**|
 |27|June|...| |27|June|...|
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