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Bioinformatics Journal Club (2S)

392172 Stoye Summer 2020 Monday 16:00-17:30 in U10-155


We read and discuss current research articles from different fields in computational biology. The specific topics will be selected at the beginning of the semester.

To get credit points, students have to show proficiency in reading, discussing and presenting original research papers and other scientific literature.


Date Topic Name
13.04.2020 (Easter Monday)
20.04.2020 topic selection all
Viral phylogenetics
27.04.2020 paper selection all
04.05.2020 Displaying trees across two phylogenetic networks (alternative link) Leonard B
11.05.2020 Nextstrain and Nextflu Suada B
18.05.2020 (continuation BREW rehearsals)
25.05.2020 (Jens away)
01.06.2020 (Whit Monday)
08.06.2020 FastTree Roland W
15.06.2020 TreeTime Tizian Sch
22.06.2020 IQ-Tree Jens S
Data analysis in bioinformatics
29.06.2020 paper selection all