Some basic information about the DSB workshop series

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  • 2021: Paola Bonizzoni, Gianluca Della Vedova, Yuri Pirola, Raffaella Rizzi
  • 2020: Pierre Peterlongo etc,
  • 2019: Johannes Fischer, Johannes Köster, Sven Rahmann
  • 2018: Velki Mäkinen, Simon J. Puglisi
  • 2017: Jasmijn Baaijens, Johannes Köster, Alexander Schönhuth
  • 2015/16: Guillaume Holley, Eric Rivals, Jens Stoye, Roland Wittler
  • 2014: Eric Rivals
  • 2013: Guillaume Holley, Jens Stoye, Roland Wittler


  • no reviewing/selection process
  • no proceedings
  • no conference fee
  • travel at participants' cost (travel funding for young researchers if possible)
  • meals provided by organizers
  • lots of time for discussions
  • presentation of unpublished work, work in progress or even negative results is welcome