HowTo get additional Perl packages running

First of all: I am really not a Perl expert. So probably, this is not the most elegant way to do it. But for me it worked well. Now to the problem…

I wanted to “install” a Perl program (Circos), where “install” means, to provide all missing Perl modules such that the main program would recognize them. Fortunately, the program's directory structure already contained some directory “lib”. This allowed me just to do the following:

  • For each missing module Bla::Blupp do:
    • Find Bla::Blupp on
    • Download the archive Bla-Blupp-1.2.3.tar.gz
    • Extract it somewhere
    • If it contains a file,
      • create the directory …/lib/Bla/ and put there
    Else, if itself contains a directory lib/Bla/, 
    * put that directory Bla/ into the program's lib/ directory 
    Else, exit(1) ;-) 
    You can remove the archive (original and extracted)