Producing LaTeX beamer slides with corporate identity

There are currently two alternatives to use the beamer package with a corporate design. The explanation here (Eyla, Roland, Jens) and AggiBeamerSlides which Inke used in her defense talk. The latter was devised from the first to gain a little bit more space on the slides. Inkes version is a little less documented whereas this version consumes too much space for the corporate design leaving not enough space for content. Maybe both versions can be merged in the future?! ~~~PeterHusemann

Main Tex-file

The template is fully adapted to AG Genominformatik, see download link below. If you want to use your own templates proceed as follows:

In order to use the aggi beamer style include \usetheme{aggibeamer} in your texfile. Make sure, it is the only theme used (neither inner nor outer theme)!


    []  -  TechFak corporate design
  [ag]  -  specifies AG-specific TechFak corporate design
[logo]  -  specifies a logo without an AG affiliation

By default, the ag-specific commands are set for AG Genominformatik.


Due to a lack of space, the title should be chosen carefully, or, if not possible, a so-called “short-title” should be specified like this:

\title[Short Title]{Very Very Very Long Title}
\subtitle{-- and a subtitle if you wish --}

This will show the long title as well as the subtitle only on the title page and the short title in the header of all other slides.


This will produce the AG-name to appear under the “Technische Fakultät” in the header. If you use \institute{CeBiTec} it will not appear there, but only on the front slide (see example picture below).

Careful: Do NOT write “AG my_own_agname” as the Technische Fakultät has decided not to include the “AG” in Logos (such as beside the Unilogo).

Some information concerning the logo can be found here:
The logos should be found in the same directory as the main tex-file. If the logo doesn't exist, it will produce no errors, instead simply not show the logo!
The default names are unibiLogo and aggiLogo. You may alter the names:


NEW: The Uni logo with Fago Header for AGGI. A variety of it can be found in /vol/gi/logos. In the NEW Latex Beamer Template, the Uni logo has been replaced by a compound of the Uni logo with AGGI Header. If You do not want to use it, the unibiLogo will be the standard name for the Uni logo.

If you insert your own logo, it should have the ratio 100×87.
The preferable format is .pdf.
By the Uni Bielefeld Corporate Design for web sites, the logo shall be in white and have a transparent background. This way it can be assured that it does not create a visible border when inserted.

Careful: If you provide the logo as an .svg file, there are different ways of exporting, leading to different results (Especially if you use fading):
Exporting to pdf:
results in a LaTeX-Warning: PDF inclusion: Page Group detected which pdfTeX can't handle. Ignoring it. Acrobat Reader Linux will show the page(s) where the logo is included in very light colour (apparently not with Windows) and ignore the fading. If you use viewers such as kpdf or evince the colours and the fading are right, but the slides show ugly white lines.
Exporting to eps && epstopdf:
No Warnings in LaTeX, shows “normal” colour in Acrobat Reader, but no fading in either viewer (apparently ps cannot handle fading).

pdflatex slides.tex
pdflatex slides.tex
acroread slides.pdf


AG Genominformatik Logo for slides [ pdf ], [ pdf-fade ] (don't worry: It is not blank, just a white logo on transparent background)

The following screenshots are the same for Theme 1 and Theme 2.

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

This is the theme which Inke used in her defense. Theme 3


You want something like Page 3/25 in your presentation, but the total number of slides contains also the appendix slides? Find help here: BeamerPageNumbersWithoutAppendix

Hints for the TOC (table of contents)

Changes the color of subsections in the toc:

\setbeamercolor{subsection in toc}{fg=myCrazyColor,bg=white}   %fg=foreground=color of letters, bg=background

Changes the symbols of sections in the toc:

\setbeamertemplate{sections/subsections in toc}[circle]
% [default],[sections numbered],[subsections numbered],[square],[ball],[ball unnumbered] also possible

If you activate: \tableofcontents[currentsection] or \tableofcontents[current,shaded] this changes the percentage of shading of the other sections/subsections:

\setbeamertemplate{section in toc shaded}[default][<percentage>] % means: fg!<percentage>!bg, where "<percentage>" can be e.g. "60"

A variety of further changes for beamer TeX-files can be found here

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