AGGI Day 2014 - 19/06/2014

Organization page for the AGGI Day 2014.

Overview: We will meet in the university for a nice brunch in the late morning. Then, we walk through the Teuto to the Johannisberg, where we go climing in the “Kletterpark”. The climbing event takes about three hours. People who cannot or do not want to climb can a) watch us falling out of the trees and laugh, b) make a self-organized [1] geo-caching tour or c) make a tour to the “Tierpark”, there should be sweet baby animals at the moments. Afterwards, we walk back through the Teuto to have a nice barbecue at Pedros place.

Morning: Brunch at the University

Starting at 10:00. We will meet at the common room. Bring blankets, if the weather is nice we can go outside. Someone (cough, Jens, cough) will bring the bread/buns, and everyone else can bring fruits, cheese, cold cuts, eggs, whatever you want. Please fill the space below with what you intend to bring, so we do not all by the same cheese in the same Sonderangebot.

Brunch List

  • Pedro: Pão de Queijo (brazilian cheese bread)
  • Dany: Fridge's Surprise
  • Annelyse: homemade smoothie.
  • Nina: fruit salad
  • Linda: Gouda
  • Roland: Juices and maybe some sparkling wine
  • Jens/Marília: Bread and buns
  • Lukas: Strawberry Jam
  • Fabio: sopa paraguaia
  • Kai: cold cuts
  • Pina: walnut paste
  • Eyla: Cherry Jam
  • Stefania: creamy cheese and cake

Afternoon: Climbing

Location: Kletterpark (website and map)

Reservation is at 13:00. We should probably arrive at least 15 minutes earlier.

Evening: BBQ at Pedro's House

Address: Wellensiek 5 – map

Dany will buy the meat and drinks and we will split the bill later. It should be around 5 Euro per person, like last year. It would be nice if some people could bring a salad/desert/appetizer, and so on. Like the brunch, let's make a list here to organize it:

BBQ List

  • All: remain of the lunch
  • Pedro: Atomic Watermelon
  • Dany: Potato or Noodle salad
  • Roland: Grill (and gas), some chairs
  • Karsten: Rice salad
  • Tina: cakelike dessert
  • Fabio: cheesecake
  • Pina: Zaziki
  • Eyla: Ginger Ale, Extra hot ketchup