Coffe Machine

The coffee machine is located in U10-153. An espresso cup is about 30 cents per cup. There is a list next to the coffee machine where you put a mark for each cup you took.

Kaffeeverbrauchsüberblicksliste :-)

The “Kaffeeverbrauchsüberblicksliste :-)” is located in the cebitec file system:


It can be opened with Staroffice:

soffice /vol/gi/coffee/kaffeeliste.sxc

Just enter how much cash is needed in the top right corner, fill in how much each person drunk (count the marks), for those who did not pay their share from the previous round, copy these costs in the column on the very right, and then magically you will see how much each person has to pay. Print the new sheet and replace the old one. (Old lists are stored in the drawer below the coffe machine.)

Standard Coffee Brand

Mocambo Caffé Suprema Rosso

Ordering together with Oliver Lieske from M7.

Outdated: Coffee Brands

So far we have tried the following espresso brands:

  • The cheapest from Saturn (Peter, 9 Euro/kg): good after adjusting grinding to “coarse”
  • Miner's South American blend (Jens, 10 Euros/500g): very good, so far the best
  • Segafredo Zanetti (Wiebke, 8 Euro/500g): not so good to ok, better after cleaning the machine
  • Miner's House blend (Jens, 7.35 Euro/500g): good, but not as good as the South American blend
  • Dallmayr Espresso d'Oro (Inke, 10 Euro/kg):
  • Coffee Store Hausmarke Espresso Originale (Jens, 7.50 Euro/500g): Ze' says it's okay (and he should know!)
  • Illy (Conni, 5 Euro/250g):
  • Tchibo Espresso Original (Klaus, 9.98 Euro/1kg):

Yet to try:

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