Giving Good and Interesting Talks

Please feel free to extend.

General Hints

Do not say “et al”. A talk is not a latin class! It's okay to say “and others” or “and co-workers”.

Group Seminar Talks

You're looking for feedback. You want others to follow.

Conference Talks or External Talks

You want to present your research, sometimes even “sell” your ideas.

I strongly recommend to show no overview / contents slide, simply because it's boring to hear over and over again “I'll start with the introduction, then state the problem, show my solution and end with the discussion”. Just do it: Dive right in with the problem statement and motivation.

Talks at the Scientific Retreat

First year talks should be more like a group seminar talk where you are asking for feedback to your initial ideas.

Last year talks should be more like conference talks where you present results.