Reviewing a Bachelor Thesis

General remarks

A review roughly consists of four parts

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. Goal of the students work
  3. Summary of the written work
  4. Review of the work and justification for the grade

Please consider the following things for the last point:

  • comprehensibility of the text
  • structure and layout
  • language and style
  • breadth of the work, number of pages
  • paper research

At a last point you have to state the grade which is { 1,0 1,3 1,7 2,0 2,3 2,7 3,0 3,3 3,7 4,0 5,0 } 1,0 is best, 5.0 is not sufficient.

Reviewing for busy Profs

For the busy Profs there is a short form for reviews of Bachelor theses. You can find printouts of the form in TheSecretary's office, a pdf is Bachelor-Beurteilungsbogen.pdf (unfortunately it can not be modified).

And with new corporate design, and modifiable:

Reviewing for ordinary people

For non Profs a more elaborate form is requested. Please use this !LaTeX template to generate a nice letter: gutachten_template2008.tex

The old corporate identity (before 10/2008) is included in this template: gutachten_template.tex