How to Prepare and Print Posters

Preparing a Poster

Use the template in /vol/gi/poster/template-aggi-krr/ to prepare your own poster. Currently, there are a few bugs in it, but we intend to resolve them soon.

There is a draft version of a !LaTeX style for aggi called aggi.sty which defines a header including the aggi logo and a footer giving a URL where the poster can be downloaded. Usually, the style uses three text columns. As far as I know it uses a0poster.cls which you can get from dante/ctan servers if not included in your TeX installation. There is also a nice perl script to get an A4 version of your poster with the right scaling and bounding boxes called

Group Logos: See /vol/gi/logos/. The GI logo that you should use for posters and other printed matter is /vol/gi/logos/aggilogo.eps. Look around a bit in that directory for other logos and formats.

/vol/gi/logos/aggilogo.eps has been updated in August 2007. It is slightly different, but its design is closer to the Uni Bielefeld logo (the “Universität Bielefeld” on top is a bit wider and now right-justified to the edge of the logo). There should be no problems with bounding boxes.

Printing a Poster

The support does not print posters anymore. Ask Heike for a card, put a pdf of your poster on a USB stick and go to Thiesbrummel for printing. The printing takes about 20 minutes to one day.


\usepackage{cmbright} to get a sans-serif math font. \newcommand{\mysection}[1]{\section*{\textcolor{aggigreen}{#1.} } } \renewcommand{\refname}{\textcolor{aggigreen}{References}}

Use \renewcommand{\familydefault}{\sfdefault} in the preamble instead of \sffamily after \begin{document}

Switch back to Computer Modern sans serif for the title if using cmbright: \fontfamily{cmss}\selectfont

Use Adobe Reader (acroread) to print your poster, it will scale it automatically to A4.