How to purchase / order new hardware?

(Beschaffung, Bestellung, Anschaffung)

Main Supplier

The (former) main supplier for computer hardware (laptops usbsticks etc) is the company

Tiersch & Co.
Gehrenkampstr. 15
32760 Detmold

Fax 05231 9 26 68-22

The usual contact person was:

Dietmar Lerche (stellvertr. Geschäftsführer)
Phone 05231 9 26 68-16

Ordering (standard)

The usual way to order hardware is to phone the contact person from the default supplier and ask for a “Angebot” for “Universität Bielefeld, Technische Fakultät, AG Genominformatik”. Specify what you want to order and the “Angebot” will then be send by email (pdf) or by fax within one or two days. If you want a fax hold the fax number of TheSecretary ready. After receiving the “Angebot” check if your order is correct. If not repeat the process so far. If everything is fine hand the fax or the printed pdf to TheSecretary who will do the rest (forward it to the “Beschaffungsstelle”). If you are lucky the bureaucratic way will not take too long and you get your hardware within some weeks.

Ordering (audio/video stuff)

Essentially the same as the standard ordering above. Difference is that you get an “Angebot” from the company:

Reinhard Gehring GmbH
Am Rottmannshof 2 - 4
33619 Bielefeld

Telefon : 0521 / 911 31 80
Telefax : 0521 / 911 31 88
E-Mail :

Note: The last time they were really expensive. A switch and splitter for a data projector was about 500 EUR. We declined this offer and found something comparable from Reichelt for 70 EUR…

Ordering (misc / cheaper stuff)

Sometimes it is better to choose cheaper hardware if the support for that is not so important. Then it will be Ok, to select the desired hardware in a webshop of your choice. Print out your list and for each item some description specifying what this thing does. These pile of paper can then be handed in to TheSecretary as an replacement for the “Angebot”.

Some useful cheap (electronic) hardware supliers:
Reichelt (Electronics)
Pearl (Electronics)
Conrad (Electronics)
Alternate (Computer Hardware)


If you buy something from a local supplier then you can advance the money. Coordinate this with your group leader and TheSecretary. After you bought your item(s) ask TheSecretary how to get your money back. You will need a receipt (“Quittung”) for your hardware and you have to fill out a formular. Both has to be forwarded to the “Beschaffungsstelle”. Your money will then transfered to your bank account (giro) within some weeks.