How to change the Websites

As of 2010, the aggi websites are in new corporate identity style. Only a few pages are static and not meant to be changed. All other pages are to be edited via wiki.

If there are questions or unforeseen events please contact the ComputerDelegate.

old websites (before corporate identity change)

  • First assure that you are in the gi-www group, otherwise you will not have the permission to write files.
  • Go to /vol/www-test/data/gi/ and then to the directory where you want to change a file.
  • Do “cvs update -d -P” to get the latest files.
  • Edit the files you want to change.
    • If you need to create new files, do a “cvs add newfile” after you created them. same procedure for directories.
    • If you add binary files (pdf,gif,…) do “cvs add -kb newfile”
  At [[|]] you can see your changes. This url is only available in the inranet and so invisible to the world wide web. 
  If you are happy witch your changes do a ''"cvs commit [your files]"'' to insert your changes to the repository. 
  Go to ''/vol/www-extern/data/gi/'' and do a ''"cvs update"'' in the appropriate directory to publish the changes for the rest of the world 

If there are only small changes you can edit on the extern directories directly.

You don't have to but please use the repository!

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