Install the boost libary to /vol/gi/sw


The instructions below do not seem to work anymore. If you need a new version bother the support.

Get the actual version from Go to /vol/gi-sw/src and extract the archive.

cd /vol/gi-sw/src
tar xfjv boost_1_34_0.tar.bz2
cd boost_1_34_0

Configure without python and unicode regexp: (python libs would give errors)

./configure --without-icu --without-libraries=python --prefix=/vol/gi-sw

Change the “using gcc;” entry in user-config.jam to

# Boost.Build Configuration
# Automatically generated by Boost configure

# Compiler configuration
using gcc : : : <linker-type>sun ;

otherwise the linker produces errors.

Finally to build and install:

make && make install

You could repeat the proces and install boost for the opteron machines: See InstallingSoftware

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