Since we can't rename pages, the following is a copy of the old page IMSSoftware.

This description is not complete, yet, don't rely on it.

Software Installation

All GI software should be installed into /vol/gi-sw/. The subdirectories /vol/gi-sw/bin/ and /vol/gi-sw/lib/ have a special feature: Each of them actually exists twice. The version you see depends on what architecture you are on: Either Opteron or SPARC. For example, this allows for having /vol/gi-sw/bin/ in the PATH environment variable and running the correct binary no matter what architecture.

When installing software which you think will be used both on SPARC machines and Opterons you should run the full installation twice:

  • once on a SPARC machine
  • and once on an Opteron.

In both cases you should install the binaries into /vol/gi-sw/bin/ and libraries into /vol/gi-sw/lib/.

More specifically:

what where
binaries /vol/gi-sw/bin/
libraries /vol/gi-sw/lib/
libexec /vol/gi-sw/lib/
man pages /vol/gi-sw/man/
info pages /vol/gi-sw/share/info
configure --prefix=/vol/gi-sw \
  --libexecdir=/vol/gi-sw/lib \
  --sysconfdir=/vol/gi-sw/share/etc \
  --mandir=/vol/gi-sw/man \

Recommended Installation Procedure

This has not been decided upon. The following description reflects the procedure for /vol/ims-sw/.

Have a look at /vol/gi/src/. What I do to install autotools-based software is: Unpack the tarball into /vol/gi/src/ creating a directory like mysoftware-1.0. Now create directories /vol/gi/src/ and /vol/gi/src/ Then make sure you're on a sparc machine, cd into and run the configure script from there:

../mysoftware-1.0/configure (plus parameters from above)

After that make, make install as usual. After that login to an Opteron and do the same from within After that: Don't delete the build directories! If you ever want to remove the software you can run make uninstall from within the build directory. This is moot if make uninstall doesn't work for mysoftware.

64 Bit vs. 32 Bit

If you would like to install a 64-bit version of a library or binary - perhaps in addition to a 32-bit version - then please ask MarcelMartin for advice. We did that regularly for our imslib. Keywords: isaexec, isalist, /vol/gi-sw/bin/sparcv9/, -m64. Also look at the install-official script from the imslib CVS module.


  • Don't install a newer version of software that's already officially installed. Instead, ask support to upgrade the installation, they're usually very responsive.
  • Look in /vol/gi/bin/ and /vol/gi/lib/ for stuff that may already be installed.
  • Put gi and gnu into your RCINFO_ILIST.
  • ims can no longer be used in the RCINFO_ILIST
  • Use
    pkg-config --list-all

to see whether something is already installed. Only packages using pkg-config will be listed.