AGGI New Member Information

As a new member of the AG Genominformatik, you might want to know the following:

Email account


  • The printer name for AG GI is gips (as in GI postscript) and the printer is located in U10-138. Other printers are sekgips in the SecretaryOffice (this one should not be used except in special circumstances) and gscolor (for color printouts, V10-1??). Color printouts cost a lot of money, so only use it when absolutely necessary!
  • Don't forget to set gips to your default printer (or whatever other printer is nearest to your office).


We have a couple of group laptops that you may borrow if you have a good reason for that. There is a ListOfLaptops and people in charge of them. The ComputerDelegate is responsible for this list. You may also connect your own laptop to the system. The ComputerDelegate knows how to do that:

  • Connect cable
  • Set proxy server to proxy, Port 3128

Wireless LAN

If you want to connect your laptop to the wireless LAN of the university, which is administered by the Hochschul-Rechenzentrum (HRZ), you need to get an account there. Ask the ComputerDelegate for details.

Member Lists

There are two electronic directories and one mailing list for the members of the group:


Keys are handled by TheSecretary. Students receive keys for their office, employees receive group keys. You have to sign in when you receive your key, and TheSecretary signs out when you return it.

Secretary's Office

There is a mailbox for you, a fax-/print-/scanning-machine, office material, our local library, and much more in TheSecretary's office. For details see SecretaryOffice.


Small numbers of copies can be made with the fax machine in the SecretaryOffice. For larger numbers there is a departmental photocopier in C3-154. Ask TheSecretary for the key.

Phone calls

The phone in your office can be used for outside calls (except in student offices) using the prefix 0. Private calls have to be prefixed 10.

Books and the University Library

AGGI Books

The Genome Informatics group has their own local library, located in the CommonRoom. A list of all the books available can be found in LocalLibraries.

When borrowing a book, please fill in the book index card with your name and the borrowing date and place it in the plastic box. When returning the book, please fill in the return date on the card and put it back into the book. Never take a book off the shelf without registering that you took it!

University Library

  • The URL of the University Library is
  • As an employee, you can get a card for the University Main Library, allowing you to borrow books and order documents that are not directly available at Bielefeld university.
  • The easiest way to apply for such a card is to use the online form at . “Bibliotheksausweis online beantragen”.
  • After submitting the form online, be sure to print it, too!
  • On the printout, get a signature and an official seal of the faculty (from Elke Grütz in C3-136, ask TheSecretary for this).
  • Present the completed form at “Zentrale Leihstelle” (Main Library Office; A1-151, above the mensa), where you'll get the card. Prepare to show a valid ID or passport.
  • To make photocopies in the library, you'll need a special library copy card, which you can get from TheSecretary.