How to publish your PhD thesis

(kindly presented by Dr. Zsuzsa)

To publish your PhD (online at BieSOn, the university online server), you have to


  1. upload the postcript or pdf file at the BieSOn server,
  2. hand in 8 bound and printed copies and a signed form to Anke Weinberger, and
  3. wait a few days and then pick up your PhD document!

You have altogether 12 months time to do that after your defense. Only after the publication are you allowed to use “Dr. XY” ;-)

Details to 1.

The URL is, there is lots of explanation, not all completely clear (I found).

To summarize: To upload file, you click on “Dokument auf den BieSOn-Server überspielen”, then follow further instructions (in German). It is very much like uploading a file for a conference or journal. You have to enter your name, your department (TechFak), your advisor, title of thesis etc. The main thing to know is that you have to fill in an abstract, so it's better to prepare it beforehand - since it will appear on the BieSOn server (remove all $'s and other special Tex signs). You should have some keywords prepared, too. (They also ask you to choose keywords from some complicated standardized list but you don't have to, so I didn't.) Another thing, apparently BieSOn automatically transforms everything in the title into lower case, except the first word - don't think there is anything one can do about it. Choose the name of your file carefully, since it will appear to everyone who then tries to download it from the library.

After filling in the online form and uploading your file, you will be given a form that you have to print and sign. It says something like you guarantee that the electronic version is identical with the printed version approved by the TechFak.

Details to 2.

You go to Anke Weinberger, tel 3462, office hours in the morning until 12. You hand in 8 printed and bound copies of your thesis. Six of these go to the library, two stay in the TechFak. (You never have to go to library!)

The printed copies of the thesis have to be printed on “alterungsbeständigem, holz- und säurefreiem Papier nach DIN-ISO 9706” - this simply means on white paper. You have to include in the printed versions the sentence “Gedruckt auf alterungsbeständigem Papier °° ISO 9706”: I put it on bottom of the reverse of the title page. (They have to be “klebegebunden” not “ringgebunden”!)

(The Promotionsordnung can be downloaded from

Details to 3. That's it!

After a week or so, you get an email from the library saying that your thesis has been published online, with a link; mine is

And the next day, you can go to Anke Weinberger and pick up your “Urkunde” (the document saying that you are Dr. such and such and your grade). The date, by the way, is the date of your defense, not the date when you published on BieSOn.