Services available in the secretary office (U10-151)

Mail Boxes/Forms:

  • Each employee holds a mailbox in the middle of the shelves.
  • Next to the mail boxes you will find a box holding certain forms:
    1. travel expenses forms
    2. advanced payment application forms
    3. accident reports
  In addition, there is a box for the outgoing mail and a box for the incoming mail for the office in general. 

Travel Expenses:

  • Please hand in travel expenses, which only concern our work group or our sponsored projects in the secretarial office. If you have any questions, please ask the secretary.

You can find the relevant forms for your reimbursment at:

As an employee you have to fill in both forms.

If you wish money in advance for your travel expenses please fill in also two forms:

Train Tickets

If you do a business trip by train, in oder to get full reimbursement by the university, you have to use our rebate (“Großkundenrabatt”). There are several possibilities:

  • Order your tickets using the form that you will find at: After completing the form, fax it to the number indicated on the form or mail it to the stated e-mail address. Then you have three alternatives to receive your tickets.
    • Fetch them from the main station 'bahn-comfort-Schalter Heute';
    • the tickets can be forwarded to the university;
    • you can receive the tickets with the relevant code at a ticket machine.
  The secretary can book a train ticket online for you when you are an employee. Please ask the secretary for details.
  You can also buy the ticket at the ticket counter in the train station. To do so, you need to identify yourself as a university member. Again, ask the secretary for details. 


  • Orders can only be placed by the secretary, hand in your requests.

Office material:

  • In the cupboard on the right you'll find different stationery like files, pens, rubbers, chalk etc.
  • You will find a huge stapler for your use on the shelves.
  • Envelopes of all kinds are located in boxes on the left side of the shelves. (Please help yourself, but don't forget to tell Heike Samuel if you observe that some item is running out so that she can order new material.)

Week Planner

  • Above the secretary's desk there is a week planner, where alle lectures or seminars of the actual term are entered.

First Aid Box

  • On the left side next to the door there is a First Aid Box. After taking equipment out of the box, please fill in the data required in the relevant booklet. Peter Husemann and Heike Samuel are our first aid experts.

Travel logbook

  • For insurance reasons all trips must be entered in the travel logbook. You will find it on the first shelf of the book case. Please do this before going on the trip.

Nature and Science

  • The journals 'Nature' and 'Science' from 2002 and younger are available in the Common Room on the top of the shelves. The 'Nature' subsription (officially subscribed by Nils) is shared among the group members, 'Science' (officially subscribed by Peter) is paid by Jens.

Local Libraries

  • In our local library you will find different technical literature, sorted in alphabetical order w.r.t. author last names. When borrowing a book please fill in the book index card with your name and the borrowing date and place it in the plastic box. When returning the book please fill in the return date on the card and put it back into the book.
  • You will find the local library in the 'Common Room' U10-155.
  • A list of all books in these libraries is available in LocalLibraries.

Telephone, Fax- Copy- and Scanning machine:

Dial '0' before the number to make a call outside the university. That also applies for the fax.

  • You'll find a Fax- Copy- and Scanning machine on a table in front of the window on the right side.


  • Please ask Heike Samuel for the key for the mail room C3-154.
  • You will find the key for the meeting room (U10-146) in which the Aggi meetings take place, on the key holder next to the shelves. (administrative meeting at 13:15 hrs every Monday).


Illness (employees only):

  • In case of absence due to illness, please inform TheSecretary immediately. Certificates for unfitness for work must be awarded from the third day of illness.

Holidays (employees only):

  • A holiday chart is recorded for each employee, and posted in the office. Holidays are entered and then forwarded to the supervisor. Ask TheSecretary for details.


  • In case of accidents on the way to work or during working hours, an accident report has to be filled in. Ask TheSecretary for details.