Ease up ssh connection to the cebitec

Add the following to your ~/.ssh/config

# ~/.ssh/config
host *
ServerAliveInterval 180
ControlMaster auto
ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p

# CeBiTec
Host cebitec
User <your username>
HostName porta.cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de
ForwardX11 yes
LocalForward 1631 cups.cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de:631

After that you can conntect to the cebitec system by

ssh cebitec

Additionally every following connection will use the established master connection. Sometimes it happens that the master sockets are not deleted properly. in this case remove all ~/.ssh/master-* files.

If a master connection is established you can print documents if you change your cups port to 1631.