How to adjust the screen resolution on a SunRay

Change the resolution

It can happen that the screen connected to a SunRay does not display the right screen resolution. This happens for example if the connecting cable does not support ddc (display data channel). In this case you can change the resolution with the following Sun program:


Alternatively this program is started with Shift+Props. Select Display from the categories and then the resolution from the pop up menu.

The big screen problem

If you recently got a bigger (wide) screen, than it can happen that the resolution is ok, but if you enter your card the resolution switches back to your old value. This happens because the xsession is associated to your card. To change the behavior of the xsession do the following:

  1. Put your card in and log into the fail safe session (enter username and password but then press F1 instead of Enter).
  2. Enter the following into the terminal:
/opt/SUNWut/bin/utxconfig -r auto

Exit with exit or Ctrl+d. Maybe you have to press Ctrl+c or Ctrl+Shift+Backspace a few times to restart the xsession.

If KDE does to provide the high resolution of your big screen, read KDEResolution.