How to use an usb stick with your SunRay

Mounting an usb stick

If you connect an usb stick to the usb ports at the back of your SunRay then it will automatically be mounted to the following url:


where <username> will be your username and <label> is the label of the mounted partition.

Warning: While a stick is connected you should not remove your SunRay card.


Maybe you want to make a link to the rather cryptic directory of the mounted usb stick into your home directory:

ln -sv /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/`whoami` $HOME/usbstick

If you type this, the symbolic link “usbstick” will be created in your home directory, that points to the base location of possibly connected usb sticks. You can then simply change to ~/usbstick/label.


If you want to remove your stick safely then execute the following commands:

sync && /opt/SUNWut/bin/uteject diskn

where “diskn” is some internal label of this stick. You can get the actual value with this command:

ls -d /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/`whoami`/disk*

or, if you created the shortcut:

ls -d ~/usbstick/disk*

The command uteject takes some time even after the stick is already unmounted. Maybe it waits for the “ejection” of the stick. If you disconnect the stick after a few seconds then the program terminates. But if you disconnect it too early, then you get an error like this:


To be really safe, wait until uteject finishes and then disconnect the stick.

Additional Information

http://intranet/EDV-News/srss-3.1.shtml under point “USB Device Support”

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