AG Genominformatik group seminar
Universität Bielefeld - Technische Fakultät - AG Genominformatik

AG Genominformatik group seminar

The group members of the AG Genominformatik talk about the ongoing research in their group. Externally invited speakers talk about their research, which will be related to genome informatics in most cases.
If not otherwise announced, the talks take place every Thursday at 4 pm (c.t.) in V4-106.

Talk schedule

DateNameTitle of TalkInformation
23.01.03 Kim Rasmussen "SWIFT - Sequence alignment with indexing and filtering" .
30.01.03 Jens Stoye "Affix trees" or "repeat finding" (t.b.a.) .
06.02.03 Klaus-Bernd Schuermann "Suffix Trees" .
13.02.03 Michael Spitzer "Automating protein analysis" .
. . End of semester - no meeting until April .

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