Bioinformatics Journal Club (AG Genome Informatics)

Bioinformatics Journal Club SS 2004

  • Where: V4-106
  • When: Every Tuesday at 6.00 p.m. c.t.

Last modified: Tue Sep 20 16:02:39 2004

20.04.04 Jens Stoye, Constantin Bannert General Meeting. Administrative Issues, schedule for the next weeks
27.04.04 Jens Stoye Taiwan Workshop on comp. biology: Impressions
04.05.04 Thomas Schmidt X. He and M. H. Goldwasser. 'Identifying conserved gene clusters in the presence of orthologous groups'. (Extended Abstract, RECOMB 2004)
11.05.04 Jens Stoye Y. Wexler, Z. Yakhini, Y. Kashi and D. Geiger. 'Finding approximate tandem repeats in genomic sequences.' (Extended Abstract, RECOMB 2004)
18.05.04 Rileen Sinha Y. Zhang and M. Waterman. 'An Eulerian path approach to global multiple alignment for DNA sequences'. (J. Comp. Biol. 10:803-819)
25.05.04 Sven Rahman Investment options and statistics
01.06.04 Sergio Carvalho G. Nicosia and G. Oriolo. 'An appvroximate A* algorithm and its applications to the SCS problem'. (Theoretical Comp. Sci. 290:2021-2029)
08.06.04 Michael Kaltenbach WJ Ewens. 'Mathematics and the genome projects' ().
15.06.04 Sven Rahmann H. De Jong. 'Modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory systems'. (J. Comp. Biol. 9:67-103, 2002)
22.06.04 Sven Rahmann H. De Jong. 'Modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory systems'. (continued)
29.06.04 F. Cicalese, Z. Lipták, S. Rahmann Cultural/Social event: National and international weddings compared
06.07.04 Gregor Obernosterer G. Pavesi, G. Mauri, M. Stefani and G. Pesole: 'RNAProfile: Algorithm for finding conserved secondary structure motifs in RNA sequences'. (Nucl. Ac. Res. 32:3258-3269)
13.07.04 Ferdinando Cicalese F. Ergun, S. Muthukrishnan and S. Sahinalp. 'Comparing Sequences with Segment Rearrangements'. (Proc. FST&TCS; 2003; i.e. LNCS 2914 [Springer], pp. 183-194.)
20.07.04 Wolfgang Gerlach W. Kent. 'BLAT - The BLAST-like alignment tool.' (Genome Res. 2002, 12:656-664)
27.07.04 T. Schmidt et al. CPM 2004: Photos and Impressions
21.09.04 Kim Rasmussen M. Csürös. 'Performing Local Similarity Searches with Variable Length Seeds' (Proc. of the 15th Annu. Symp. on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM'04), Istanbul, Turkey, LCNS, vol. 3109, p373-387)
28.09.04 Christian Höner z. S. D. Eppstein et al. (1992) 'Sparse Dynamic Programming I: Linear cost functions.' (JACM 39:(3)519-545)