Bioinformatics Journal Club (AG Genome Informatics)

Journal Club Genome Informatics, Winter 2004/05

  • Where: V4-106
  • When: Every Tuesday at 6.00 p.m. c.t.

Last modified: Tue Oct 12 11:32:39 2004

12.10.04 Kim Roland Rasmussen M. Csürös: Performing local similarity searches with variable length seeds. Proceedings of CPM 2004 , 373-387, 2004.
19.10.04 Sven Rahmann S. Esedoglu: Blind deconvolution of bar code signals. Inverse Problems 20 , 121-135, 2004.
26.10.04 Klaus Bernd Schürmann M. Burrows, D.J. Wheeler: A Block-Sorting Lossless Data Compression Algorithm. Digital System Research Center , Research Report 124, 1994.
02.11.04 Constantin Bannert u.a. Social Event: Scotland
09.11.04 Chandran Vijayendran B.H. ter Kuile, H.V. Westerhoff: Transcriptome meets metabolome: hierarchical and metabolic regulation of the glycolytic pathway. FEBS Lett. 500 , 169-171, 2001.
16.11.04 Ferdinando Cicalese P. Indyk: Approximate Nearest Neighbor under Edit Distance via Product Metrics. Proceedings of SODA 2004 , 2004.
23.11.04 Rileen Sinha M. Zagha, G.E. Blelloch: Radix sort for vector multiprocessors. Proceedings of SC 1991 , 712-721, 1991.
30.11.04 Anton Pervukhin G. Navarro: Searching in metric spaces by spatial approximation. The VLDB Journal , 2002.
07.12.04 Sebastian Böcker N. Bandeira et al. : Shotgun Protein Sequencing by Tandem Mass Spectra Assembly. Analytical Chemistry , to appear.
14.12.04 Veli Mäkinen Half-social Event: Query by Humming.
21.12.04 Jens Stoye S.B. Needleman, C.D. Wunsch: A General Method Applicable to the Search for Similarities in the Amino Acid Sequence of Two Proteins. J. Mol. Biol. 48 , 443-453, 1970.
T. F. Smith, M. S. Waterman: Identification of Common Molecular Subsequences. J. Mol. Biol. 147 , 195-197, 1981.
11.01.05 Veli Mäkinen M. Koivisto, P. Rastas, E. Ukkonen: Recombination Systems. In Theory Is Forever (Salomaa Festschrift) , LNCS 3113, 159-169, 2004.
18.01.05 Sergio A. de Carvalho Jr. D. Knuth: TAOCP, A draft of Section Generating all n -tuples
01.02.05 Wolfgang Gerlach H. Carrillo, D. Lipman: The Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem in Biology. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 48 (5), 1073-1082, 1988.
08.02.05 diverse The Winterseminar
15.02.05 Sebastian Böcker Y. Han, B. Ma, and K. Zhang: SPIDER: Software for Protein Identification from Sequence Tags Containing De Novo Sequencing Error. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology , to appear. (Also appeared in Proc. CSB'04, 206-215.)
22.02.05 Peter Husemann Social event: The Holy Grail