Data Mining in Graphen

(392129; 2S; 3 LP; M.S./Dipl./Dr.; WS 2006/07)

Veranstalter/Responsible: Tim Nattkemper ( e-mail ), Sven Rahmann ( e-mail ), Jan Baumbach ( e-mail ),
Ort/Place: U10-146
Zeit/Time: Do/Thu 10-12
Start: Do/Thu 19.10.2006

Datum/Date Thema/Topic Wer/Who
19.10.2006 Organizational meeting Tim Nattkemper, Sven Rahmann, Jan Baumbach
26.10.2006 How (not) to give a talk. Overview on graphs. Sven Rahmann
02.11.2006 Graph drawing by force-directed placement Tobias Wittkop
16.11.2006 Overview on data mining Tim W. Nattkemper
23.11.2006 The levelwise version space algorithm Jose A. Quitzau
14.12.2006 gSpan: Graph-based substructure pattern mining Timm Oberwahrenbrock
21.12.2006 Frequent graph pattern discovery: AGM Kai Runte
11.01.2007 Kernels for graph classification Wiebke Timm
25.01.2007 Cluster editing problems Heiko Neuweger
01.02.2007 Graph-modeled data clustering: Fixed-parameter algorithms for clique generation Sebastian Jünemann
Frequent datalog query discovery Katharina Jahn
08.02.2007 Graph-based relational learning Jan Baumbach