Fun with Algorithms in English

Fun with Algorithms in English

Summer Semester 2007

Every Friday, 14.00 s.t., U10-146

Jens Stoye


Based on textbook chapters or original research papers, the participants will give oral presentations and write short summaries (both in English) about recent (and/or funny) algorithmic problems and their solutions.

Rules of the game:

Oral presentations take 12+3 (groups of four), 15+5 (groups of three), and 30+30 (the rest) minutes per person, where x + y means that you should try to use x minutes and will be stopped after x + y minutes.
Every participant writes a written summary of his/her talk. This should not exceed 5-8 pages, after 10 pages I will stop reading. The first version has to be handed in by end of August, the final decision must be made by end of September 2007.

Time table:

06.04.07 ---
13.04.07 Preliminaries Jens Stoye
20.04.07 Presenting and Writing Jens Stoye
27.04.07 ---
04.05.07 Chess Marc Paffen, Ferdinand Eisenkeil, Julia Tolksdorf
11.05.07 Fractals María Arevalo, Tomás Fabian, Miguel Angel Garzon Diaz
18.05.07 The Lemmings Game Jörn Winnebald, Léon Kuchenbecker, Dominik Zoyke
25.05.07 Sudoku Konstantin Otte, Alexander Berhörster, Marvin Meinold
01.06.07 ---

The Security of WEP
Elevator Control
Daniel Doppmeier, Lukas Jelonek, Tobias Jakobi
Helena Galliardt, Borislava Nikolova, Eyla Willing, Christina Karsten
15.06.07 ---
22.06.07 Tetris Ella Müller, Pina Krell, Madis Rumming
29.06.07 ---

Sandra Kästner
Daniel Dörr
13.07.07 ---