Genome Informatics Journal Club

392139 Hoffmann, Husemann Winter 2008/09 Every Monday, 16.00 c.t., U10-146 ekvv


  • Milestones in (Bio-)Informatics
  • Hot topics and articles in Science and Nature
  • Current research


Date Topic Name
13.10.08 Preliminaries Peter Husemann, Nils Hoffmann
20.10.08 Paper gathering and topic distribution Peter Husemann, Nils Hoffmann
3.11.08 Recaptcha Peter Husemann
24.11.08 Combinatorial Search on Graphs Motivated by Bioinformatics Applications: A Brief Survey Martin Milanic
8.12.08 Randomized Algorithms Roland Wittler
12.01.09 Imaging in Systems Biology Imtiaz Khan
09.02.09 Prediction of Mass Spectra from Structural Information Nils Hoffmann