Bioinformatics Journal Club

392169 Stoye, Dörr Winter 2011/12 Thursday 18-20 in U10-146 ekvv


We read and discuss current research articles from different fields in computational biology.


Date Topic Name Article
13.10.2011 Preliminaries Jens Stoye
20.10.2011 Jens in Berlin
27.10.2011 Jens in Aarhus
03.11.2011 Local alignment Eyla Willing B. Kehr, D. Weese, K. Reinert (2011) STELLAR: fast and exact local alignments. BMC Bioinformatics 12(Suppl 9):S15.
10.11.2011 Metagenomics Christina Ander C. Martin, N.N. Diaz, J. Ontrup, T.W. Nattkemper (2008) Hyperbolic SOM-based clustering of DNA fragment features for taxonomic visualization and classification. Bioinformatics 24(14):1568-1574.
17.11.2011 Petri nets Linda Sundermann S. Janowski et al. (2010) Modeling of cell-to-cell communication processes with Petri nets using the example of quorum sensing. In Silico Biology 10, 0003.
24.11.2011 RNA shapes Nina Luhmann S. Janssen, R. Giegerich (2010) Faster computation of exact RNA shape probabilities. Bioinformatics 26(5):632-639.
01.12.2011 Data structures everybody Christmas and other trees
08.12.2011 Population genetics Daniel Dörr E. Baake, I. Herms (2008) Single-Crossover Dynamics: Finite versus Infinite Populations. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 70:603–624.
15.12.2011 Social events CLIB & Fachschaft More trees and fluids
22.12.2011 PPT everybody How not to give a talk
29.12.2011 christmas break
05.01.2011 christmas break
12.01.2011 Split decomposition Roland Wittler H.-J. Bandelt, A.W.M. Dress (1992) Split decomposition: A new and useful approach to phylogenetic analysis of distance data. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 1(3):242–252.
19.01.2011 Jens in Paris
26.01.2011 SequenceWorkshop2012
02.02.2011 BWT Jens Stoye M. J. Bauer, A. J. Cox, G. Rosone (2011) Lightweight BWT Construction for Very Large String Collections. Proc. of CPM 2011, LNCS 6661, 219-231.