Algorithms in English

392268 Feijão Summer 2013 Wednesday 14-16 in U10-146 ekvv


Based on textbook chapters or original research papers, the participants will give oral presentations and write short summaries (both in English) about algorithmic problems and their solutions.


Date Topic Name Article
10.04.2013 Preliminaries Pedro Feijão
17.04.2013 Paper selection
01.05.2013 (Labor Day )
08.05.2013 Paper discussion
15.05.2013 (Pedro is away )
22.05.2013 Paper presentation Cem Memilli Rote, G. (2002). Crossing the Bridge at Night . Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, 78, 241–246.
29.05.2013 Paper presentation Svea Kokott Demaine, E., Demaine, M., Uehara, R., Uno, T., & Uno, Y. (2010). UNO Is Hard, Even for a Single Player . In P. Boldi & L. Gargano (Eds.), Fun with Algorithms SE - 15 (Vol. 6099, pp. 133–144). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
05.06.2013 Paper presentation Kerstin Gravermann Fleischer, R. (2008). Die Another Day . Theory of Computing Systems, 44(2), 205–214.