Fun With Algorithms in English

392189 Thévenin, Jahn Winter 2013 Wed. 12-14 U10-146 ekvv


Date Topic Name Document
16 Oct. 2013 No seminar
23 Oct. 2013 Preliminaries Katharina Jahn
30 Oct. 2013 Lecture: How to read an article? Annelyse Thévenin Slides
20 Nov. 2013 Talk Aron Weihrauch The urinal Problem
11 Dec. 2013 Report Aron Weihrauch The urinal Problem


Goals of the seminar:

  • independent reading and understanding of scientific texts (in English)
  • preparation and presentation of a talk,
  • composition of a short written report (as a practice for the bachelor thesis)

The students need to give a talk and prepare a written report based on a scientific publication. (Alternatively, it is possible to do only the written report.) The topic of the talk/report should be recent and/or funny/interesting algorithmic problems and their solutions.

The students are encouraged to suggest their own topics. Further suggestions are from different areas of algorithmics:

  • biological/medical algorithms
  • biometric algorithms
  • algorithms for data compression
  • distributed algorithms
  • geometric algorithms/graph algorithms
  • mobile algorithms
  • optimization algorithms
  • string algorithms
  • combinatoric algorithms
  • cryptographic algorithms
  • algorithms to solve games (Lemmings, Sudoku, Tetris,etc.)
  • network algorithms
  • robotics algorithms
  • algorithms on cellular automata (Game of Life, Ant games, Wator)

Other possibilities are publications of the conference “Fun with Algorithms”, or other algorithms from the literature.

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