Bioinformatics Journal Club

392172 Feijão Winter 2013/14 Tuesday 18-20 in U10-155 ekvv


In this seminar we read and discuss current research articles from different fields in bioinformatics.


To be decided


Date Topic Name Article
10.10.2013 Preliminaries Pedro Feijão
29.10.2013 Single-cell Hi-C reveals cell-to-cell variability in chromosome structure Annelyse Thévenin Nature
05.11.2013 Single-Cell DNA-Methylation Analysis Reveals Epigenetic Chimerism in Preimplantation Embryos. Christina Ander Science [PDF]
12.11.2013 A sticker-based model for DNA computation Fábio Martinez Pubmed [PDF]
19.11.2013 The male-specific region of the human Y chromosome is a mosaic of discrete sequence classes Jens Stoye Nature, Review article
26.11.2013 Using population admixture to help complete maps of the human genome Daniel Dörr Nature Genetics [PDF]
03.12.2013 Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference Pedro Feijao Science [PDF]
10.12.2013 (christmas party)
17.12.2013 Insights into the phylogeny and coding potential of microbial dark matter Katharina Jahn Nature [PDF]
07.01.2014 Scheduling meeting
14.01.2014 CRISPR screen identifies genes Annelyse Thévenin
21.01.2014 Statistical inference of the generation probability of T-cell receptors from sequence repertoires Pina Krell PNAS [PDF] [Supp.]
28.01.2014 Widespread Recurrent Evolution of Genomic Features Marilia Braga Bioinformatics [PDF]
04.02.2014 The genomic landscape of Neanderthal ancestry in present-day humans Tina Zekic Nature