More Fun with Algorithms in English

392268 Feijão, Stoye SoSe 2014 Wed 14-16, U10-146 ekvv


Based on original research papers, the participants will give oral presentations (20-45 min) and write short summaries (ca. 5 pages), both in English, about (not necessarily serious) algorithmic problems and their solutions.


Date Topic Name Article
09.04.2014 Preliminaries Jens Stoye
07.05.2014 High Spies Dominik Gründing A. Deutz, R. van Vliet, H. J. Hoogeboom: High Spies (or How to Win a Programming Contest). Proceedings of FUN with Algorithms 2007, LNCS 4475, 93-107, 2007.
14.05.2014 UNO Stefania Colella E. D. Demaine, M. L. Demaine, R. Uehara, T. Uno, Y. Uno: UNO Is Hard, Even for a Single Player. Proceedings of FUN with Algorithms 2010, LNCS 6099, 133-144, 2010.
21.05.2014 Juggling Alena Damková J. Cardinal, S. Kremer, S. Langerman: Juggling with Pattern Matching. Theory Comput. Systems 39, 425–437, 2006.
28.05.2014 Money Changing Kevin Lamkiewicz S. Böcker, Zs. Lipták: A Fast and Simple Algorithm for the Money Changing Problem. Algorithmica 48, 413-432, 2007.
18.06.2014 The Hydra Marco Grimm R. Fleischer: Die Another Day. Theory Comput. Syst. 44, 205-214, 2009.
09.07.2014 Philosopher's Football Aron Weihrauch E. D. Demaine, M. L. Demaine, D. Eppstein: Phutball Endgames are Hard. In R. J. Nowakowski (Ed.): More Games of No Chance, vol. 42 of MSRI Publications, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., pp. 351-360, 2002.