Practical Course: Bioinformatic Applications in Genome Research

392177 Wittler, Brink Summer semester 2014 Block 18.03.-01.04.2014 - 9-17 Uhr in V6-116 ekvv


In this course, practical applications and issues in concrete problem statements and handling real data sets will be addressed. The following topics are intended: assembly, scaffolding, annotation, gene prediction, comparative analysis, etc.

Theoretical knowledge of the students shall be supplemented by practical aspects such as setting up and running existing tools, implementing small own tools, pre- and postprocessing, and critical interpretation of results. A continuously enriched visualization of the data and the obtained results will also guide through the course.

  • Requires participation in the lecture “Algorithms in Genome Research”.
  • Beside regular and active participation in the course, results shall also be presented to other participants.


Date Topic Who Solution (for next day)
Tue, 18.3. Shell Malte, Katharina
Python Benedikt Thomas
Wed, 19.3. Assembly Kerstin Kerstin, Annika
De Brujn Graph Katharina
Thu, 20.3. Mapping, SAM/BAM-Format Thomas Franzi, Swenja
Finishing, PCR/Primer Franzi
Fri, 21.3. Genome Rearrangement Malte Tobias, Thomas
Gene Families Mehmood
Mon, 24.3. Circos Mark Tobias, Annika
UniMoG Annika
Tue, 25.3. Gene Prediction Mark
Wed, 26.3. G/C Rich Regions Mark, Malte
Thu, 27.3. Operons, RBSs, TTs Tobias Franzi, Swenja
Fri, 28.3. Human Microbiome Project Swenja Kerstin, Katharina
Mon, 31.3. Wrap Up