Algorithms in Bioinformatics (2S)

392208 Dias Vieira Braga Summer 2016 Tuesday 16-18 in U10-146 ekvv


In this seminar, participants will read and present (20-45 minutes) research articles from different fields in algorithmic bioinformatics. A focus will be on articles in Genome Rearrangement and Phylogenetics, but suggestions of other topics are welcome.

Before the end of the semester, a written summary (5-10 pages) must be submitted. It is recommended to submit the report at most two weeks after the respective talk.


Date Topic Name Article
12.04.2016 Organization of the seminar Marília Dias Vieira Braga
19.04.2016 Presentation techniques Liren Huang
26.04.2016 (no seminar)
03.05.2016 Office Hours Marília Dias Vieira Braga
10.05.2016 Talk 1 Claas The Neighbor-joining Method
10.05.2016 Talk 2 Svenja A very elementary presentation of the HP theory
17.05.2016 Office Hours Marília Dias Vieira Braga
24.05.2016 Talk 3 Tilman Quadratic Time Algorithms for Finding Common Intervals
24.05.2016 Talk 4 Igor Sorting permutations by block-interchanges
31.05.2016 Talk 5 Marius A unifying view of genome rearrangements
31.05.2016 Talk 6 Philipp Perfect Sorting by Reversals
07.06.2016 Talk 7 Franzi Genome Halving under DCJ revisited
07.06.2016 Talk 8 Christian SCJ: a variant of breakpoint distance
21.06.2016 (no seminar)
28.06.2016 Talk 9 Katharina Minimum change for a specific tree topology (Fitch-Algorithm)
t.b.a. Talk 10 Usama Ultra-perfect sorting

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