Implementation of Algorithms (1Ü)

392231 Stoye, Willing, Wittler Winter 2016/17 Class hours by appointment ekvv
Final presentation:

09 February, 10-12, room: U10-116


Each participant implements a (simple) algorithm in a programming language of their own choice. Topics will be distributed individually: meet or send email to one of the organizers. The focus of the implementation shall be on code readability and optimal asymptotics, which ideally is verified by systematic testing.

The source code and some test data (where applicable) has to be sent to the organisers one week before the final presentation. During the final presentation, every participant runs and explains her/his software in front of everybody. If the result is not satisfactory, a correction can be provided until the end of the semester.

Distributed topics:
Topic Name Supervised by
Gotoh Algorithm Chris Fricke Jens
Hirschberg Algorithm Michel Henrichs Roland
Agglomerative Clustering Moritz Hollenbeck Roland
Nussinov Kevin Krofta Roland

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