Fun with Algorithms (in English)

Responsible: Eyla Willing

Day Time Place ekvv
Thursday 10-12 U10-146 392221


  • independent reading and understanding of scientific texts (in English)
  • composition of a short written report (as a practice for the bachelor thesis)
    5-8 pages in English
  • giving feedback to other written/oral presentations
  • preparation and presentation of a talk


Whenwho What
20. Oct 16 all Start-up
27. Oct 16 all Choose topics, introduction to writing
3. Nov 16 group 1 reading+writing
10. Nov 16 canceled
17. Nov 16 group 2 reading+writing
24. Nov group 1 reading+writing
1. Dec group 2 reading+writing
8. Dec all How to do reviews. (possibly with a take-home-review)
15. Dec all Deadline for first draft of essay. Do reviews in class.
22. Dec all LaTeX beamer
29. Dec – (winter break)
5. Jan– (winter break)
12. Jan all prepare talks
19. Jan all 3-4 talks
26. Jan all 3-4 talks
2. Feb all talks by CF,MH,MH
9. Feb - Hand in final essay (regarding reviews and feedback).


groupName Topic paper Talk
group 1 Moritz H. Heroes of Might and Magic III DIO-2010
Michel H. Tetris DEM-HOH-LIB-2004
Chris F. Zombie apocalypse MUN-HUD-IMA-SMI-2009
group 2 Ruth R. Zelluläre Automaten
Marius K. ?
Dennis H. Juggling with pattern matching
Nadine B. Hydra FLE-2009


The topic of the talk/report should be recent and/or funny/interesting algorithmic problems and their solutions.

The students are encouraged to suggest their own topics. Further suggestions are from different areas of algorithmics:

  • biological/medical algorithms
  • biometric algorithms
  • algorithms for data compression
  • distributed algorithms
  • geometric algorithms/graph algorithms
  • mobile algorithms
  • optimization algorithms
  • string algorithms
  • combinatoric algorithms
  • cryptographic algorithms
  • algorithms to solve games (Lemmings, Sudoku, Tetris,etc.)
  • network algorithms
  • robotics algorithms
  • algorithms on cellular automata (Game of Life, Ant games, Wator)

Other possibilities are publications of the conference “Fun with Algorithms”.