Bioinformatics Journal Club (2S)

392172 Feijao, Dörr Winter 2016/17 Monday 16:00-17:30 in U10-155 ekvv


In this seminar we read and discuss current research articles from different fields in bioinformatics. Each participant must present in few minutes two articles of their choice one week before their presentation. The group then votes which article will be discussed in detail in the subsequent week. To this end, the participant who proposed the article will take the lead of the discussion. All participants must read the paper and prepare themselves for the discussion.

The topics of presented papers should be related to bioinformatics, biology, or computer science.

This year we have a different format for choosing the papers, called the “Secret Santa Journal Club”. Everybody picks a paper that s/he always wanted/had to read but never did. Them, writes the reference on a piece of paper. We put all papers in a bag and everybody pulls one, and this paper will then be presented by the non-expert who pulled it from the bag. The drawing will be on 24.10.2016.


Date Chapter(s) Name Remarks
17.10.2016 Organization of the journal club Pedro Feijao
24.10.2016 Wichteln everybody
31.10.2016 (Brückentag)
07.11.2016 Open adjacencies and k-breaks: detecting simultaneous rearrangements in cancer genomes [PDF] Olga
14.11.2016 Tests for gene clustering [PDF] Pedro
21.11.2016 Evolutionary history of human disease genes reveals phenotypic connections and comorbidity among genetic diseases. [PDF] Omar
28.11.2016 — postponed —
05.12.2016 MetaboAnalyst: A web server for metabolomic data analysis and interpretation [PDF] Fabian
12.12.2016 Assessing the robustness of parsimonious predictions for gene neighborhoods from reconciled phylogenies [PDF] Kostas
19.12.2016 — postponed —
09.01.2017 A Programmable Dual-RNA–Guided DNA Endonuclease in Adaptive Bacterial Immunity [PDF] Jens
16.01.2017 HySA: A Hybrid Structural variant Assembly approach using next generation and single-molecule sequencing technologies [PDF] Roland
23.01.2017 Edit Distance Cannot Be Computed in Strongly Subquadratic Time (unless SETH is false). [PDF] Dany Lipton's blog
30.01.2017 Best-of Posts on Scientific Blogs everybody
06.02.2017 Science on Twitter Jens & Dany

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