Bioinformatical Approaches in Viral Genomics

Seminar Thursday, 12.15-13.45 in U10-146 Kobert, Schulz 392224


The goal of this seminar is to provide the participants with a short introduction into methods and problems from virology in the field of Bioinformatics. To this end, each participant is expected to independently read and understand a research article, and to present its core ideas and results in a short talk. A selection of papers will be provided, however, students with a particular area of interest are free to suggest topics of their own, provided they fall into the broader scope of viral genomics/bioinformatics.

Finally, each student is to prepare a summary/report of the chosen topic using LaTeX.

Language: English or German


  • Recommended prior knowledge: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (39-Inf-1)
  • Oral presentation (20-45 minutes)
  • Summary/Report (8-15 pages)


For an overview of the topics discussed in this seminar see for example this paper by Orton et al.


Date Topic Who
12.10.2017 Administratives, overview on topics and selection
19.10.2017 Crash course: Scientific talking and writing.
26.10.2017 No seminar!
02.11.2017 Prep.meeting with first group
09.11.2017 Lia
16.11.2017 Ruth, Paul
23.11.2017 Stephanie & Sophia Hönig
30.11.2017 Lukas, Henrike
07.12.2017 Sophia Hansen, Nadine
14.12.2017 Antonia
– X-Mas break –

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