Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (Seminar)

392217 Wittler Winter 2018/19 Tuesday 14-16 in U10-116 (DiDy meeting room) ekvv

Course Description

14ct in U10-146 (DiDy meeting room)

  • We do an update roud on our projects every now and then,
  • someone brings a piece of text for getting feedback, a figure to polish, etc.
  • someone brings an academic issue to discuss.
02.04. Administratives, organization
09.04. Update on our projects, Olga brings some intricate sections of her manuscript
16.04. Boas: PhD rehearsal talk
23.04. – (no seminar, almost a holiday)
30.04. Roland: Study regulations: ideas for an update?
07.05. Roland: Supervision agreements
14.05. – (no seminar)
21.05. Nicole: Some pseudocode
28.05. Tizian: Sampling de-Bruijn graphs
04.06. Liren Ph.D. rehearsal
11.06. External Speaker: Mike Steel (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
Birth-death models in phylogenetics: symmetries, shapes, and the loss of biodiversity
18.06. Liren: Defence
25.06. – (no seminar)
02.07. – (no seminar, some people in China)
09.07. – (no seminar, Roland in Cologne)