Fun with Algorithms in English

Dr. Roland Wittler
Seminar: Wednesday, 10.15-11.45 in U10-146
Office hours: by arrangement
Office: U10-145


Based on original research papers, the participants will give oral presentations (20-45 min, optimally about 25 min's) and write short summaries (ca. 5 pages), both in English, about (not necessarily serious) algorithmic problems and their solutions. Each weak, we cover another aspect of scientific writing and put it into practice. Deadline for the written summary is one week after the presentation.


03.04. Preliminaries, topic selection
17.04. Intro to LaTeX, reading Latex-template, Bibtex-example (remove “.pdf” from filenames) Slides: HowToRead
24.04. Scientific writing Notes on Scientific writing and citing, Bibliography styles
01.05. — (Feiertag)
08.05. Introductions, conclusions Notes
15.05. Math extended Latex-template (remove “.pdf” from filename), Notes
22.05. Tables, figures, algorithms modified Latex-template (remove “.pdf” from filename)
29.05. Checklist, writing
04.06. Intro to presentations (in LaTeX Beamer) Latex-Beamer template (remove “.pdf” from filename)
12.06. presentations (1)
19.06. presentations (2)
26.06. presentations (3)
10.07. presentations (4)


The topic of the talk/report should be recent and/or funny/interesting algorithmic problems and their solutions.

The students are encouraged to suggest their own topics, for example from the proceedings of the conference series “Fun with Algorithms” (e.g., 2004, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2018).

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