Genome Informatics Research Seminar (2S)

392188 Stoye Winter 2020/21 Monday 14-16 via Zoom

Short Description

In this seminar, current research of the Genome Informatics group is reported.

(In dieser Veranstaltung wird in Vorträgen über aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe Genominformatik berichtet.)

This class will be given as a live video conference. Details will be distributed to registered participants short before the first class on October 26.


Date Topic Name
26.10.2020 Organization of the seminar Jens S
16.11.2020 The hardness of DCJ median computation revisited Jens S
23.11.2020 Natural family-free genomic distance Marília D V B
30.11.2020 Detecting a Pangenome's Core Tizian S
07.12.2020 Alignment-free phylogenomics using amino acid sequences Marco S
14.12.2020 Clustering Metagenome Assembled Genomes with SANS Roland W
21.12.2020 X-mas seminar all
X-mas break
18.01.2021 PanBench: Software for Computational Pangenomics Andreas R
25.01.2021 5-methyl cytosine - The fifth base of DNA Michael B
01.02.2021 DSB 2021 Rehearsals Roland W, Tizian S, Andreas R