Genome Informatics Research Seminar (2S)

392188 Stoye Summer 2021 Monday 14-16 online

Short Description

In this seminar, current research of the Genome Informatics group is reported.

(In dieser Veranstaltung wird in Vorträgen über aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe Genominformatik berichtet.)

This class will be given as a live video conference. Details will be distributed to registered participants short before the first class on April 12.


Date Topic Name
12.04.2021 Organization of the seminar Jens S
19.04.2021 Exploiting dynamic machine learning for tissue-specific expression prediction based on regulatory regions Moritz H
26.04.2021 CeBiTec Colloquium (13 c.t.): Engineering spatial organization in biomimetic systems Henrike Niederholtmeyer
17.05.2021 Sebastian J
24.05.2021 (Whit Monday)
31.05.2021 Pina K
14.06.2021 Tizian Sch
28.06.2021 Michael B
29.06.2021 (?) Stand der Bachelorarbeiten
05.07.2021 Stand der Bachelorarbeiten
12.07.2021 Andreas R
19.07.2021 Marília D V B