Genome Informatics Research Seminar (2S)

392188 Stoye Winter 2021/22 Monday 14-16 in U10-146

Short Description

In this seminar, current research of the Genome Informatics group is reported.

(In dieser Veranstaltung wird in Vorträgen über aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe Genominformatik berichtet.)


Date Topic Name
11.10.2021 (no class)
18.10.2021 Organization of the seminar Jens S
01.11.2021 holiday
15.11.2021 VeChat: Correcting errors in long reads using variation graphs Xiao L
22.11.2021 A fully-sensitive time and space-efficient filter for finding epsilon-matches utilizing syncmers Pina K
X-mas break
10.01.2022 VarPan: variant calling on colored and compacted de Bruijn graphs Mario M
17.01.2022 PathOGenes – a graph database approach Johannes Sch
24.01.2022 From the breakpoint towards the DCJ double distance Marília DVB
07.02.2022 Something with Genome Halving Leonard B
23.02.2022, 10 c.t. OpenModelica: Pseudo-Array Causalization in the New Backend (abstract below) Karim A

Missing: Jens S, Tizian S, Roland W, Michael B, Diego R, Luca P


OpenModelica: Pseudo-Array Causalization in the New Backend

Karim Abdelhak, 23.02.2022, 10h15, U10-146

Work on the new backend continued to support unscalarized arrays of variables and equations. The base strategy consists of solving the matching problem on a scalarized adjacency matrix and recovering the array structure afterwards. While the matching algorithm itself still depends on the number of scalar equations, the rest of the backend, and especially code generation, is handled more efficiently.

The algorithm for Pseudo-Array Causalization leads to a faster compilation time of array structures ranging from 10 to 100 times faster, while maintaining or slightly improving simulation time.