Practical Course: Bioinformatics Applications in Genome Research

392181 Bohnenkämper Block 18.03.- 28.03. 9:30-17:30


In this course, practical applications and issues in concrete problem statements and handling real data sets will be addressed. The following topics are intended: assembly, scaffolding, annotation, gene prediction, comparative analysis, etc.

Theoretical knowledge of the students shall be supplemented by practical aspects such as setting up and running existing tools, implementing small own tools, pre- and postprocessing, and critical interpretation of results. A continuously enriched visualization of the data and the obtained results will also guide through the course.

  • Requires participation in the lecture “Algorithms in Genome Research” or similar.
  • Beside regular and active participation in the course, each student gives a short (15min) presentation and presents their results to the other participants.


Date Topic Presentation Solution (for next day)
Mon, 18.03. Shell/Snakemake Crash Course Hauke
Tue, 19.03. Assembly Olívia Lasse
Wed, 20.03. Finishing Hauke Olívia
Thu, 21.03. Gene Prediction Aaron Aaron
Fri, 22.03. Genome rearrangements Lasse Aaron
Mon, 25.03. Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) Hauke Hauke
Tue, 26.03. Haplotype Inference Lasse Lasse
Wed, 27.03. Metagenomics Olívia Olívia
Thu, 18.03. Position-Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSMs) Aaron

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