Algorithms in English

392107 Marília Braga Summer 2009 We. 14-16 in U10-146 ekvv


Based on textbook chapters or original research papers, the participants will give oral presentations and write short summaries (both in English) about algorithmic problems and their solutions.

Rules of the game:

Oral presentations take 30 minutes. Every participant writes a written summary of his/her talk. This should not exceed 5-10 pages. The first version has to be handed in by July 22, 2009.

Time table:

April 15 Preliminaries Marília Braga
May 20 Multiple Genome Alignment Derya
May 27 Perfect Sorting by Reversals Alex
June 3 DCJ Ole
June 10 All sorting by reversals Enes
June 24 Common Intervals Mathias
July 1 Lanczos Algorithm Ralph