Bioinformatics Journal Club

392169 Thévenin, Stoye Winter 2012/13 Thursday 18-20 in U10-146 ekvv


  • Encode project
  • RECOMB and WABI proceedings


Date Topic Name Article
11.10.2012 Organizational Matters
18.10.2012 (many are in Rio)
25.11.2012 (many are not back from Rio)
01.11.2012 (Allerheiligen)
08.11.2012 WABI 2012 Simone Zaccharia Compeau: A Simplied View of DCJ-Indel Distance
15.11.2012 Encode 2012 Jens Stoye The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome
22.11.2012 Encode 2012 Annelyse Thévenin The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome
29.11.2012 Eyla Willing GEODUAL: Fun with Geometric Duality
06.12.2012 Recomb-CG 2012 Daniel Doerr On pairwise distances and median score of three genomes under DCJ
13.12.2012 Encode 2012 Linda Sundermann Architecture of the human regulatory network derived from ENCODE data
20.12.2012 Trees in Bielefeld everybody
10.01.2013 Encode 2012 Pina Krell
17.01.2013 (too much snow)
24.01.2013 Katharina Jahn
31.01.2013 WABI 2012 Roland Wittler From de Bruijn Graphs to Rectangle Graphs for Genome Assembly