Bioinformatics Journal Club

392172 Thévenin Summer 2014 Thursday 18-20 in U10-155 ekvv


In this seminar we read and discuss current research articles from different fields in bioinformatics. This semester, you must present in few minutes 2 articles of your choice one week before your presentation. The group choose which one they want to talk about the week after. The topic is “any article related to bioinformatics, biology, computer sciences”.


Date Topic Name Article
10.04.2014 Preliminaries Annelyse
17.04.2013 Easter
24.04.2014 An Exact Algorithm to Compute the DCJ Distance for Genomes with Duplicate Genes Annelyse pdf
01.05.2014 (holiday )
08.05.2014 An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Terminal Steiner Tree Problem Fábio pdf
15.05.2014 S. Wandelt et al.: RCSI: Scalable similarity search in thousand(s) of genomes. Proc. of the VLDB Endowment 6(13), 1534-1545, 2013. Jens pdf
22.05.2014 An algebraic view of bacterial genome evolution. Journal of Mathematical Biology Pedro pdf
29.05.2014 (holiday)
05.06.2014 A Feature Engineering Approach for Click-Through Rate Prediction: KDD CUP Track 2 Stefania pdf
12.06.2014 On Space Efficient Two Dimensional Range Minimum Data Structures Dany pdf
19.06.2014 (holiday)
10.07.2014 Don't thrash: how to cache your hash on flash Guillaume pdf